20 Mar '13

As pointed out on Monday, grey is an increasingly popular color choice for interior design. This soft, versatile, trendy hue provides an excellent base for the perfect color story. In our showroom, we’ve utilized various shades of cool greys and slate blues with the added touch of white and complimentary oranges to create that desired fresh, modern feeling throughout the office.

Mark Woodman writes, “Colour has the powerful ability to bring people together. Sometimes it’s an identifier for a group, sometimes a country or a team, but no matter what, it always ignites conversation and passion.” To that note, a clear vision and careful thinking should be part of the design process in any space. What type of feeling do you want your space to evoke?

Thankfully, our designers are equipped with years of experience in crafting both the perfect color story and floor plan for your project and the ability to make your space as unique and inviting as its owners.

By utilizing technical skills in AutoCad, SketchUp, and 20-20 Visual Impression, along with interior design and architectural knowledge, our team is able to fully map out your project vision and make it easy for you to realize the potential of your new/existing space.

Here’s a look at some of our designers’ recent work as part of the NWOI team.

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