25 Mar '13

As a new work week starts, we wondered, “what makes a happy employee?” Though the answer isn’t exactly cut and dry, one could guess a few things that may keep workers satisfied in the office. For one, studies by Alan Hedge, Ph.D., CPE, and Cornell University have shown that comfort in the office often leads to greater productivity from workers. Think about it: there must be a reason why so many young talents enjoy working from home rather than in a stuffy office.

Comfort can come in the form of ergonomic seating options, through open door policies and good moral with the management, or even in decent room temperatures. In fact, Hedge found that when office temps drop “from a comfortable 77 degrees to a chilly 68, typing mistakes increase by 74%, while typing output drops by 46%” at cooler temperatures.

When it comes to comfortable desk solutions, new height-adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular among employees who may want the option to stand and work throughout the day. According to Hedge, during his study, “over 80 percent of workers who received a height-adjustable workstation preferred it over the traditional one. A survey also found that the average musculoskeletal discomfort index score for users of the height-adjustable workstations was 20% lower than for the users of the fixed-height desks.”

Ergonomic seating options are important, as well. Along with providing comfortable, “residential” seating areas for chance meetings and employee collaboration, as mentioned before, having the right desk chair for specific employee needs is also key for maximum productivity. The correct support promotes better posture, and a happier, more comfortable employee!

Check back on Wednesday for a closer look at some of our favorite ergonomic picks.