04 Mar '13

This year, interiors continue to make the shift from heirloom bulky to modern slim. In an attempt to adapt to the New Normal of the current generation, we’ll be parting ways with the overly adorned to make room for the purely minimalistic.

According to Furniture News, one of the freshest trends we’ll be seeing throughout 2013 is referred to as “Fraction”. As you might guess from the name, new products will begin to embrace direct, angular properties with interlocking shapes and an abstract, European feel. Think geometric, Ikea-esque fashion with finishes at an extreme – either ultra-glossy or subdued and raw.
Design will begin to have strong Scandinavian tones, showcasing “pure forms, and smooth and compact finishes” that are controlled and totally non-excessive.

The point is for new age product to act as “discreet, yet direct” functional furniture. Meaning, super sleek lines and non-cumbersome pieces that are pleasing to look at, yet their function is simple and plainly obvious. In our over complicated world, we can begin to feel “freed by the plainness” of this new trend as our furniture starts working with us, not against us.
Patterns this year should draw from cubist mentalities, with repetitions of small scale geometrics being key. Mondrian style grids and bold, typographic patterns will be seen as well.

Find some inspiration in these photos and leave your thoughts on this architectural, low profile trend in the comments!