08 Apr '13

As we’ve been trying to drive home recently, offices everywhere are transitioning from the typical 9-5, cubical, dry and ancient work environment to a more modern, fresh, and technologically savvy spot for employees to enjoy doing what they do. In an effort to stay ahead of the game in that respect, we’ve recently invested in the Smart Board technology for our working showroom.

This awesome piece of equipment acts as an interactive white board and allows us to give appealing client presentations, show product typicals and CAD drawings during design consultations, and even keep track of and share meeting minutes with the staff on Monday mornings. By creating an engaging learning environment, we can make sure clients are in touch with the product they’ll be buying and feel like they’re a part of the design process from start to finish. Not to mention, the board makes for a more exciting early morning meeting for workers, too!

As a touchscreen device, we’re able to use a finger – or the provided stylus – to quickly write, draw, and swipe from application to internet and back to client documents. When adding text to a form, snapshots are captured and sent off to clients or staff with those handwritten updates included. Think high-tech NCIS media boards…for the office! With all this talk of new gadgets and technology updates for virtually every aspect of our lives, why not give a little refresh to your typical meetings or appointments at work? The board is great for new educational environments as well!

We’re proud to be one of the first companies in the NW to use the Smart Board and can’t wait to help you become one of the few in the industry to utilize this awesome new technology.

Stop by our showroom to get a look at the board in action!