22 Apr '13

Keeping in mind that today is Earth Day, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight some of the best green products out there and our philosophy on doing good for the environment.

At NWOI, we strive to provide our clients with interesting, unique spaces come project completion and try to keep in mind the idea of “being green” during the process. We also find it important to get behind companies and manufacturers who feel the same way. One of our major allies in the business, HON, feels strongly about their green practices and we’re happy to support that. Check out their philosophy on the issue:

“At HON, we take pride in helping our customers create productive environments that leave a lasting impression. But often, the best impressions are the ones never seen. Our greatest impact is our ability to change the business world without changing the environment. By making a commitment to responsibly design and manufacture quality products, we exceed our customers’ expectations while being good stewards of the earth. We work diligently to build a culture that encourages excellence, involvement, ongoing education, diversity and responsibility. We continually challenge ourselves to always do more. “HON Thinks Green” is more than a slogan, it’s a promise.”

All HON products are designed from materials that have been carefully chosen to reduce environmental impacts and manufactured using methods that allow for proper recycling at the end of their usage. HON’s “Lean Manufacturing” system maximizes the use of raw materials and is efficient in its use of natural resources to reduce the company’s environmental footprint. Their facilities also utilize strict conservation and efficiency programs to help save natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and major energy consumption. 
As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), HON is continually innovative in their quest to be truly green and they use a variety of new technologies to help create products that are really sustainable. For example, material innovations like Comold® and Nature Core® put HON right in the front of the line by diverting 10,000 tons from landfills each year. Soy-based foam, paint reclamation, fabric recycling, and packaging innovations are among the things that help set HON apart.
Here’s a look at some of their best green products, the Initiate workstations.
Happy Earth Day, everyone!