24 Apr '13

We love an interesting solution to small spaces and clutter, or just interesting furniture in general. This awesomely designed series is so innovative, we want a piece to hold all of our random stuff too! The No Stereotype Series was crafted by furniture design grad student Dong-yeop Han of South Korea. His collection has the ability to store pretty much anything, both inside and outside, with its plethora of heavy duty elastic bands covering the entire surface. The series includes boxy chairs, cabinets, and small storage ottomans. (Potential play room fix?)

Each piece is covered in woven elastic bands that stretch around objects to hold and store them in place.”

These bands could easily be found at your local hardware store, but Han had the great idea of re-purposing them as an addition to simply designed pieces of furniture. By utilizing the typically unused outer surface for storage, furniture’s original purpose is also doubled. What a great idea to keep clutter safely in its place and reuse common materials in the process!

We love the Scandinavian-esque style of the collection, as well. With their simple color palette, clear form and function, and raw finishes, we could definitely see these pieces used in today’s interior design world. Such a modern take on some simple storage solutions.

via Design Milk